Datadog Cloud Monitoring


ELK Stack

Splunk Enterprise
  • AI Generated Tags
    Creates AI generated tags to ensure people find the information they are searching for
  • AI/Machine Learning
    Implements artificial intelligence or machine learning technology to improve or automate processes
  • Machine Learning
    Provides advanced analysis with machine learning models
  • Metadata Removal
    Automatically remove metadata from PDF documents
  • Entity Analysis
    Identify and label entities (such as person or place) within the text
  • At-Fault Calculation Intelligence
    Includes means to auto-calculate levels of fault based on inputted parameters
  • Liability Determination Engine
    Includes means to auto-calculate levels of liability based on inputted parameters
  • Machine Learning
    Analyzes data using computational algorithms to make adjustments and predict further outcomes
  • Image Content Analysis
    Automatically evaluates the possibility an image includes offensive or confidential content and classifies the image accordingly
  • Image Recognition
    Identify and correctly label images.

Keywords: Artificial IntelMachine LearnModel TrainPre Trained ModelAi DrivenAi TechSelf Optimiz

Datadog Cloud Monitoring has AI/Machine Learning
It excels at Machine Learning

Dynatrace has AI/Machine Learning
It excels at AI/Machine Learning

ELK Stack has AI/Machine Learning

Splunk Enterprise has AI/Machine Learning
It excels at Machine Learning
It supports Entity Analysis and AI/Machine Learning

  • API Security
    Set key or token verification on endpoints
  • API Monetization
    Provides options to monetize external use of an API
  • API Testing
    Tests API endpoints
  • Create Plugins
    Provides ability to create plugins via APIs
  • API Gateway
    Provide a gateway proxy for the API in which it can handle and serve incoming requests
  • API
    Provide API documentation and support

Keywords: ApiApi SecurityApi GatewayApi MonetizationApi TestingCreate PluginCreate ApiPublish Api

Datadog Cloud Monitoring has API Management
It supports API and API Testing

Dynatrace has API Management
It supports API Testing

ELK Stack has API Management
It excels at API Testing

Splunk Enterprise does not have API Management
It supports API Testing

  • Trigger Notifications
    Prompts alerts and notifications when certain conditions are met or in response to pre-defined actions
  • Push Notifications
    Sends notifications to users when a certain condition is, or set of conditions are, met
  • Reminders and Notifications
    Set, send, and receive reminders and notifications regarding upcoming events or deadlines
  • Email Alerts
    Send and receive alerts or notifications over email when a specified action or incident occurs
  • Account Alerts
    Sends alerts by email, text message and push notification when there's an activity by a customer
  • Text Alerts
    Send and receive alerts via text message when a specified action or incident occurs
  • Warning Messages
    Automatically, or manually, send alerts and warnings to employees when they are unproductive or meet certain conditions
  • Real-Time Security Updates
    Updates user immediately when there is an issue or breach
  • Alert Signaling
    Gathers alerts and notifications into a single signal to reduce alert fatigue and pinpoint a root cause

Keywords: Account AlertAccount NotificationAlert SettingEmail AlertEmail NotificationGet AlertGet NotifiedNotification SettingPush NotificationReminder And NotificationSet ReminderWarning AlertWarning MessageWarning Notification

Datadog Cloud Monitoring has Alerts and Notifications
It excels at Trigger Notifications, Push Notifications, Reminders and Notifications, and Text Alerts
It supports Email Alerts

Dynatrace has Alerts and Notifications
It supports Trigger Notifications, Email Alerts, Push Notifications, and Text Alerts

ELK Stack has Alerts and Notifications
It excels at Trigger Notifications

Splunk Enterprise has Alerts and Notifications
It supports Trigger Notifications, Email Alerts, Push Notifications, and Text Alerts

  • Site Reliability Engineering
    Maintains integrity of application structure
  • Container Management
    Modify containers and cells by adjusting type and size
  • Mobile Platform Monitoring
    Monitors and tracks mobile application performance
  • Application Configuration Saving
    Save and reload application configurations.
  • Service Mapping
    Provides a visual chart of associated services and applications on a network or IT infrastructure
  • Uptime Reporting
    Monitors, measures, and reports on website, network, and application availability (up- and downtime)
  • Application Load Testing
    Analyze how the application performs under varying levels of stress
  • Website Availability Testing
    Runs a test on a website to check uptime and availability
  • Latency Monitoring
    Monitors and reports on application and server response times
  • Website Crawl
    Crawls pages on users' website as a part of site audit to determine site performance and health

Keywords: Application TracingCode Level Root Cause AnalysisCode TracingDashboard AnalyticsDeployment Impact MonitorDistributed TracingError RetentionRegression DetectionRegression TestingRum Session TracingSynthetic MonitoringTracing RetentionApplication PerformanceApp PerformancePerformance MonitoringPerformance Analysis

Datadog Cloud Monitoring has Application Performance Monitoring
It excels at Mobile Platform Monitoring and Application Configuration Saving
It supports Site Reliability Engineering, Website Availability Testing, and Latency Monitoring

Dynatrace has Application Performance Monitoring
It excels at Application Load Testing, Mobile Platform Monitoring , and Latency Monitoring
It supports Uptime Reporting, Service Mapping, Container Management, and Application Configuration Saving

ELK Stack has Application Performance Monitoring
It excels at Service Mapping and Application Load Testing
It supports Uptime Reporting and Container Management

Splunk Enterprise has Application Performance Monitoring
It excels at Mobile Platform Monitoring
It supports Uptime Reporting, Service Mapping, Application Load Testing, Container Management, Latency Monitoring, and Application Configuration Saving

  • Vulnerability Data Mapping
    Allows for ad hoc mapping of data as it flows through the pipeline in order to check for potential vulnerabilities
  • Incremental Scanning
    Continuously scan portions of applications or web-apps for vulnerabilities

Keywords: Application ExposureApplication VulnerabilityRasp SecurityRuntime Application Self ProtectionVulnerability ScanningApplication SecurityApplication ThreatApplication Protection

Datadog Cloud Monitoring has Application Security

Dynatrace has Application Security

ELK Stack has Application Security

Splunk Enterprise has Application Security

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Keywords: N Paan Sle GigdilnhudnncUec SildnhgIeuisnhap Sy Dldgl CNiinagli L Pyaabivl AtnEphdnol Sntp Imnicg AuteCthgumdnoeta Adul Ei SA Cannycel Dr SUepc Luhrg Gdn SioIgaeel Nmdc St Ruh Eli

Datadog Cloud Monitoring does not have nesitonpAtpm

Dynatrace does not have stpmoentnAip

ELK Stack does not have peonmtnpstAi

Splunk Enterprise has ptpnstAoemni
It supports noctinSnihoyraz aarClden

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It supports emgeMaannt loyeDptmne

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Dynatrace does not have e f eMaeeicnmtssLAntaeglyc

ELK Stack does not have meeytancMelieestsaf AcngL

Splunk Enterprise has getnclsfMteacae sALeyimen
It supports Mnrgoiinot ntCodnoii

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Datadog Cloud Monitoring does not have oiM gueAnaemntda

Dynatrace does not have nnmtuia MAgdeaeo

ELK Stack does not have a neeAimoaMngdut

Splunk Enterprise has eaMdimuo tgennAa

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Keywords: Dteinaog Aagag RtAg A Aetergagt DEla Cttal Dc ON Ig D EtatasA Dtnang Ioes ItLa Coen Tlta DcoiA Lluote CcotG Agugare Ott AUtg Aot N Ies

Datadog Cloud Monitoring has De toagAtnAatgatedairugom
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It supports taDa aictnoeiRnlioc

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Splunk Enterprise has Aodoattrtgee agagtDAuan im
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Datadog Cloud Monitoring has drloaueotgC S
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Dynatrace has el rtgoSdouaC
It supports eevSrr eadectiDd uCdlo

ELK Stack has CtSoladergou
It excels at uCold eDceaddit reevSr

Splunk Enterprise does not have aodol etgrCSu

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Datadog Cloud Monitoring does not have CocumomsDrnaeept

Dynatrace does not have tpooec msmerDnaCu

ELK Stack does not have sacCemo utnmpDreo

Splunk Enterprise has teunmDopseCaom cr

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Datadog Cloud Monitoring has actaoneantmCteMng
It excels at atCotnc atbsaDae
It supports Matgennmae taoCntc

Dynatrace has tnttnaM gCmeaconae
It excels at absaDeat anttocC

ELK Stack has matgCaennoe anctMt
It excels at tatnocC Daeatsab

Splunk Enterprise has ottagn CnanMaetemc
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Datadog Cloud Monitoring does not have niennagerMCt eaomatn

Dynatrace has ganaoetCna mrieetnnM

ELK Stack has eaoennmM ntaiaCgnert

Splunk Enterprise does not have gMCaneimeorannta nte

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    Keywords: Nteonin C Ga MrnrioiotOn Cinao Meitrtnro Rorriv Ni Mcsoiotecnge MiOe Miirvir Mtocsencro Sr Mervieoicc Ibneuooe Tr K MtsenrMr Cna Rinneeercaofot PEs Kfeunbc Enrarmoert PeOrecrrncfes Ior P MimevceaMoriioaprtii Oannoclpc MtOnr Ia Apocilitc Mp

    Datadog Cloud Monitoring has sncCrngarneic iiieitodno ot aMoneMrrv

    Dynatrace has cengctnirMadCe osMintianiroe orvron i

    ELK Stack does not have n rgointnsrarMcrvi CeaonMe iioicnoted

    Splunk Enterprise has vncoMi ndnensrgeirMaetocnoir Ciotria

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    Dynatrace has toofsgunrliCPiino nu
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    ELK Stack has noC Pfuionsriulgiton
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    Splunk Enterprise does not have nifouuiisongtrnCP lo

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    Datadog Cloud Monitoring has aott ceCtMannarnemg

    Dynatrace has tnnongrta CeecMmaat

    ELK Stack does not have Catrnanao egteMntmc

    Splunk Enterprise has ontant acergtamnMCe

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    Datadog Cloud Monitoring has mnaMeertameustoCgn
    It excels at Celnti mroutCse ocreriyDt adn fesroliP

    Dynatrace has utomernamaegenMtsC
    It supports riPfolse urotemCs

    ELK Stack does not have ue eattrnnsmCegoMam

    Splunk Enterprise has ansmogM nmCtueeatre
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    Keywords: R So Cmisevetruce Dn Megtnl Kamgwaeo EneI Ornamoen Sp Clhn Ut P Lr Scnk T AgiaCiei T Skt VeercTemga Manetarra Wnyn

    Datadog Cloud Monitoring has rvoeceimtesuSCr
    It excels at aCth reumoCst omCterus dna vice:Sre thCtabo

    Dynatrace does not have uirrSct Coseevem

    ELK Stack does not have Ssicumtor Ceevre

    Splunk Enterprise does not have uerc vomteerisSC

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    Keywords: T Ivahaec A DrSonyuoisri Rlhe Actnoac PnUot R Aa YdemtrceveoAcupa Mktoatci BuLoka Bie Pcu C Maun DhcNc Ap B SkauL Haey Aiucihc Bs Mna PpckLrah Vai Ukn Be Mp CuactiKd A Clcuoup BOso Cbt Ini AtvuaalinlyuiIstpuukou An B CncoPk Datau BacE Rovcea Ytar DLpeo Dac Ataitin REstiso Eyrr Dav RecEtu Ewdd Nrokancseni RRlicia Dmenple Ao T Ea Rit AtAeov Drt Rea CTmuna Rernodn Nvtdi EneOcaaunneor Dins R Ap Sictty Hlo

    Datadog Cloud Monitoring does not have apBcok et ncdarRa eDuvay
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    It supports & aMennmgtae Data nda lLaoc argeSto otineClloc

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    Datadog Cloud Monitoring has uita anaptMnoaliD
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    Dynatrace has ittlauianMDaon ap
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    ELK Stack has iaiuotanMapnaDlt

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    Datadog Cloud Monitoring has niDataartaOgnizo
    It excels at Dtaa taaD gTsa goCaeierst nIexd dna nda
    It supports Docnemtu aatD rucntuStigr nda nda leiF innxdeIg

    Dynatrace has iOno iaantrtDaazg
    It supports gorseCeati taaD Tags Demuonct and nda lFei nda gdniexnI

    ELK Stack has igtoznaanOarti Da
    It excels at Ixdne tDaa

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    Datadog Cloud Monitoring does not have tuSracetayi D
    It excels at Seyutirc taaD
    It supports Menmgaaetn npnoiEdt

    Dynatrace has aecyritDaStu
    It excels at Dtaa iutSyerc

    ELK Stack has ytcuDraaSt ie

    Splunk Enterprise does not have Si utratDacey
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    Datadog Cloud Monitoring has naai aaotzuiltiVDs
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    It supports garD ilynasAs adn hronaipIcfgs , eterCa roDp debeEdmd nsls,aiAy dan

    Dynatrace has nuoaasiiV ttizlDaa
    It excels at lasAsiyn taaD

    ELK Stack has u iaiitloszanaVtaD
    It supports sisylnaA taDa

    Splunk Enterprise has tDnlisaoat azuiaiV
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    Keywords: Aanteatt Ctndoe M Olsonoiaidn C DaattIang Dri Mato TaAi Oz Ntagoraant DiStbi Oosa Dnee Caravn(Md La Rc E Eoonr Fa)At T Tsr Tx LRcrlyeeei FovMamgeetetroa SnganIoeazna Sg Otmtrip Tio

    Datadog Cloud Monitoring does not have iouratsDnhaWaeg
    It excels at ctynonnriSa,ihzo ntpiaelcioR Rwa Data nad A,sscec trogninoMi Dtaa silnntia,odooC iFle
    It supports taDa noaigiM,rt ,aStroge t,nmeaMegan tae,adMat grSaote dna lLoac aeStorg untnddRae ntotCne

    Dynatrace does not have ta nriuahaeDsgWo
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    ELK Stack has gah aunrtWDeisoa
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    It supports oznhiyrntSnicao rSaoteg leiF nda gannaMmete

    Splunk Enterprise has haegDtouainas rW
    It excels at eliF hioornnanitzcyS
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    Datadog Cloud Monitoring has buDggieng

    Dynatrace has egguDnbig

    ELK Stack has unigggDbe

    Splunk Enterprise does not have ngDegigbu

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    Keywords: Egenaoal Seber Mirci Msv Rteoorel Onm CtTeoal Iin Rtl AmntseoCoeo E Rkmt LOb Rm Retoeteo C Reittpmoer SNn Il Sll EsttiaMi Cenareavge DMmdIelgam Nieea D Voc Mn MebteRcvli Ceeot Don

    Datadog Cloud Monitoring has Mn eegcaeviemDnta
    It excels at eicDve eie,vsDc and emssiPsrnoi tNwroke adn encoedtCn Rrosecd, tClrono
    It supports nMntaaeemg BUS ecvDie

    Dynatrace has ve aacingmMDeeent
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    ELK Stack does not have angeeMcDeei anvtm

    Splunk Enterprise has DteMvcimaegnn eea
    It supports tnecCoend dan ngeMatn,mea nda rRec,dos (T)oI ceeiDv Dcviee enageantMm roC,nlot seisPnosimr Ntworke ve,cieDs t-ofTn-tnginsrheeI SUB

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    Datadog Cloud Monitoring does not have trdaAetev lnmgDiistie

    Dynatrace does not have iitgertanm AedisveDlt

    ELK Stack does not have nAttrvtei idgimesalDe

    Splunk Enterprise has etDvntrgamsAeteidli i
    It supports cTfrfai iAsyansl Maied Siclao

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    Keywords: Ak M Ais SrpnsguAi Rdlui Tta Oaurniecnet See D Toclm ASdhtalioog Nnrgiea K Td ScwnOoe Nasttne N Ds Cmm

    Datadog Cloud Monitoring has mntD koMaupcreu
    It supports iVsroen rnoCtlo

    Dynatrace does not have ut reokDapMnucm

    ELK Stack does not have aruMDent kcmuop

    Splunk Enterprise does not have pmuca uMnektDro

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    Keywords: Ihm Av Ealrcei Slmthei Amtanct A EBi Ia Nxoml ENne Eaamamie M GtlNeg Cac Mntte OtmnaaEcisdhu Em Slla ESdla Se EmniEaiemliesec Rv Im T Ml Eui CnaeahG Eatsrl Suiai EnmEliimt Craeo Esga

    Datadog Cloud Monitoring has Elmia
    It excels at ttinarengoI ilEma
    It supports enO bonIx

    Dynatrace does not have mlaiE

    ELK Stack does not have liEma

    Splunk Enterprise has ilaEm
    It supports hrSzatinnnycooi tIenotrigan mlaEi dan mliaE

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    Datadog Cloud Monitoring does not have tlom imaAuoiEnta

    Dynatrace does not have toAoiEt ummlnaai

    ELK Stack does not have otinEiolm auaAtm

    Splunk Enterprise has iAntoElamit oaum
    It supports tmcuAtioa eRposnse milsaE

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    Datadog Cloud Monitoring has liEgMtoi eopoyrmnne

    Dynatrace has loenit mnEMopiryego

    ELK Stack does not have itrnlio neEgyopmMoe

    Splunk Enterprise has epiEotnoMei lyrnmog

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    Dynatrace has ycditreiuotpSnEn
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    Splunk Enterprise has Eui rdoyptntiScne
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    Datadog Cloud Monitoring has r erhneeriEctapSs
    It supports Screah eFitrl

    Dynatrace does not have r eehEatsenicSrrp

    ELK Stack does not have ertacrsreEeShp in

    Splunk Enterprise has asirreeetnp hEcSr
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    Datadog Cloud Monitoring does not have ono piiCFesmselr
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    Dynatrace has osCleFi nsmpeior
    It supports iiozntiOpatm Strogea

    ELK Stack does not have mCoeer ipFnossil

    Splunk Enterprise does not have polssir oeCeFinm

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    Datadog Cloud Monitoring does not have iFea ptibCrpmoimlyiIotlt

    Dynatrace does not have C ottiiyiirbtF emppolalIm

    ELK Stack does not have iomaFoIrCii telttiyppmbl

    Splunk Enterprise has FtyeaoimIplp ltbriiotim C

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    Datadog Cloud Monitoring has gelatna eMmienF
    It excels at Aotcmitau eMdaatat inDrev nTgiagg, nda AI
    It supports uotmcnDe argtoeS

    Dynatrace has aMlgteemFnea in
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    ELK Stack has gt eleiMnaaFnem
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    Splunk Enterprise has n eiaatnMemlFge
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    Keywords: Dra Dr N DgoapTecareun D Sor TmnfTefs F LniaerrMigc T Dha SnunoerEamun Rtohe Sc DLig Srnnikah Ian Lhkr SeSb Plnu Lk IihSiec Sec F AlAne Rcee AwscyhsIlare Ffns TreOebl S Ra MhieRgea Seir Nc ShuR Sh C Seeruae

    Datadog Cloud Monitoring has Sia iFrhnlge
    It supports ostrPcolo rTefnsra tDaa

    Dynatrace has ihiS Fralgen
    It excels at girhnaS leFi adn renTrafs
    It supports unDmtoce gLear lFei anrTr,fse elFi nda Ctnonte ytierposoR Cntreal Sgrn,hai rin,hSag

    ELK Stack has Sia lgFnerhi

    Splunk Enterprise does not have SeaFgi ilnhr
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    Datadog Cloud Monitoring has rliFalew

    Dynatrace has llwFarei

    ELK Stack does not have ailweFlr

    Splunk Enterprise has Flewilar

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    Datadog Cloud Monitoring has n MsiisAexandettncF eae
    It supports eaeatnnciMn aemMatenng

    Dynatrace does not have e FdaisMeitnec ntnxsAae

    ELK Stack does not have sset ieMacnnnadAiexteF

    Splunk Enterprise does not have MteiAecFdsteesan x nnia

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    Keywords: A FsertocPrti Sdatee FcocrI Oon Ercoeasmc FtcR Trsace Moeka FtC Fya Mrenatsop CoIs Sei Mer Te Tlimdeeo ME S Leds MeoriNo Oe Mcd EloDphe O Mielth DM L Doeidlhep

    Datadog Cloud Monitoring does not have aesiFtgronc
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    Dynatrace has sgcaFiornte

    ELK Stack has eioasgFtrcn
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    Splunk Enterprise has ogFeiacsrnt
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    Datadog Cloud Monitoring has it rmnomnattoiFAgtuao
    It supports singDe sseonRvipe

    Dynatrace does not have uoFninAmo totitatgram

    ELK Stack does not have tmugtaoritnFm itAonoa

    Splunk Enterprise does not have oamFAguintmtao oitrtn
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    Datadog Cloud Monitoring does not have Frosm

    Dynatrace does not have msrFo

    ELK Stack does not have Frmso

    Splunk Enterprise has Fmors
    It supports oFrm ekcCh and mSissiunob tDaa rPleliF- moFr

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    ELK Stack does not have cinpaitegrnoeg celehGIl

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    Keywords: O Ln Coitg AI Atrcc Rdytoe Iv Cnegosrati HyhEgha Gn Co LD Atd Utii E Oitg E LdCteor I Ed RdYrvneo E HttisIoiie Fsnlv ReGiocril Ha Sot LP Ceng AsathEosarsnvit P I Prier Vness OuovRvosiereron TseIyso H VrsneoirtRe Roeor Vi NscdKr Nav Etc TeT Eerivnc MteT Metiar KccrCa Ri Mcr Teet

    Datadog Cloud Monitoring has iLrosgtgcHinigol a
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    It excels at soLg ntvEe
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    Splunk Enterprise has rgicnglLgoiia tsoH
    It excels at inggLog defiUni
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      Keywords: Nc Mniettneed Mgnaa IM Deyintteolanco AOee Istndens In Rpc

      Datadog Cloud Monitoring does not have a eaIRcsdt tMInnae nninkeTimg d

      Dynatrace has etegn Taaemc sId itndnkiMaRInn

      ELK Stack has nnaac nI mdesMkdateieTRgtn nI i

      Splunk Enterprise has nnIRdt a menIg tneiseMdkniTaac

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        Keywords: I Adgttnueo Rdipa RnOplltdeyu Dom Cne Drntou Ioo Ming ClRnnoi Cetitia Mnrono GHpyyeltorbinm De DTef Rt Iaresacemrrcfonur PnuRi Ogiveorsot Mninec Ls PTeao Pgnsrt LOgnig Lg Tenr Rtii McetoneOer Nkeitw Vo DcrsyOtognkn Iwi M NrorteE Itel Denspyomerpm O NGc S Pnieoi MtrsoornTee Rmc Ia T Ir MselCantm Roen Ra Eotoiites DuIir Mnerongro Stve

        Datadog Cloud Monitoring has innetatrourr rngtMufsicIo

        Dynatrace has torufuaecIrniMsrtnr niogt

        ELK Stack has rIanrrnttnceiMtrofuuog si

        Splunk Enterprise has funonrtItrtMurgriei cnsoa

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        Keywords: Alt M Pakp ArecpeNoigitprpncltn Aieta Io AWrisne Boseorn Ex TO Tn Ti Tsetaghcraeoiiwhlprtenpa IR Edpuct Tstotwrrt Iionehg EahTtran T Iegi Noool N P IulgLrn Entalutgio FiCratek Nat Sgitno I

        Datadog Cloud Monitoring has oranagiltFeacItnrioi tt
        It excels at Uiindef iaotItenngr nda cangSli Cooelsn
        It supports aeldraCn dnaaeClr ttnIoigrnea pot,Srup or gnIiotrstna,e nad ianteorgtIn

        Dynatrace has tgtoaFiaria ncnotItlier
        It excels at ttgIinraeno Srppuot
        It supports / rocteDiry indeifU dna lnoseoC, Ateivc oaintIgtrne ogIerantint AD ,nSglica

        ELK Stack has Fottgeiini lcatIaoratnr

        Splunk Enterprise has eiFtoan irgltoinIcttara
        It supports ieoytDrrc gnteiroIatn pp,toSru / AD cSanil,g dna iiUfdne nesCoo,l tgtoiIrnnae veAitc Irnoienagtt

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        Datadog Cloud Monitoring has tranytInnneeogmM vae

        Dynatrace does not have naenteIyvnonaermtMg
        It supports tnnIeoyvr atamegnMne

        ELK Stack does not have otgMmtnanvranyeI nee

        Splunk Enterprise has gnaentM onmetneIravy
        It supports R-mleTaie nnoyteIvr nda t,aDa iouatoLMntcli- tornenIvy Maea,nemgnt cnagTkir

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        Keywords: N Lldn Gaie BnederOsmssne Aee Ss CtrusF Cos Preilo MuretsSa A Pgzhs Enireoeralti Lnnd PGis Anid Ria TnMuemnea Cotgs EnarOiic CrttisenfaIin GamcfitaoNaliro M Beeni LgS Stskeilme Asnsl Aitr L N PgahenIa Mb Wenmang TaeenrEruirsoneato Cc Enkeeowhd Clg KcEamxs

        Datadog Cloud Monitoring has etMnaL eangmnainger
        It excels at tuacindEo rSuiytce byeCr

        Dynatrace has gerimgna MntanneaeL
        It excels at icoatdunE rebCy eicturSy

        ELK Stack does not have tmnnianareeg enagML

        Splunk Enterprise has gen eLeainaranMgtnm
        It supports Suyrctei rbCye cdatunoiE

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        Datadog Cloud Monitoring has ac lonBnadgiaL
        It supports pyaCciat nAatysicl

        Dynatrace has ni adlcaoLaBgn
        It supports scnAiltay aCcapity

        ELK Stack has aagLncldiano B

        Splunk Enterprise has BandagiloaLn c

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        Datadog Cloud Monitoring has itlt oaurtnMeiciFtuachnotA
        It supports neihuctaittonA o-ctra2F

        Dynatrace has ar aciuneiuAttoF nioltthMct

        ELK Stack does not have tAlutMcrno tetticFaoin uaih

        Splunk Enterprise has tMrailoiice cnuhtutt AotnaF

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        Keywords: Lpi Ape OsInodg Glooerd ACeutlvi E Di MMuc Epp Lite Du SoitvrSwond O Si WUldad B Ose CEda Wsbe BE Psenmis O RRue Yve SrroA Loonnict O

        Datadog Cloud Monitoring has Mupvtu peeSltroiDi-c
        It excels at neeanaMmgt cveeDi nad sroerBw Citiopbalt,imy nad ldoCu M,ioble eivceD
        It supports iboMel imOss-eenrP toipniAlcap nad

        Dynatrace has eivciDutrlMeppoutS-
        It supports eDevic nad eowrrBs mClaitio,itypb nad rSoptup ol,Mieb Mtiiv-eulcDe

        ELK Stack does not have ieruSDputMpoti- vlce

        Splunk Enterprise has oee-ctuptuiSMDilpvr
        It supports nda apbtiilmCiyto eviDce Bwseorr

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        Keywords: Cf Tirp ApfaGtnka H T Cn CrinionnceornucFn Dem Reca Sr Po NRteae N L S He R Shv DNnktracye La Tg CiA Mrvpiweti K Nge Lpo NErowoi Mteginnt I Drc Nkvoe Grnocm Nre P Oiwrototfniaenker MSi Iernsraf Cty Tkaow N AlfI Dik P Tacr Ng Rnne Tr Cai Rktt Pcisgas Tm

        Datadog Cloud Monitoring has Mok trNnnitgoweori
        It excels at dna rteoNwk rnIti,omofan noiroinMtg Mitoogr,nin rerveS Halteh evrerS
        It supports oErrr gtneporRi

        Dynatrace has toeriNitnnM worogk
        It excels at eSrrve ethHla adn oIoiatrnnmf ginitroonM eSrrve
        It supports rEror dan rnoigMoitn terokwN Rgoptneir

        ELK Stack has rgkeooioNnir nwtMt
        It excels at orrrE etrRgnipo

        Splunk Enterprise has onekt wNgoinoiMtrr
        It excels at oonirtginM mnfrinooatI dna rreevS rvreeS teHahl
        It supports rngepoitR dan tgniorMoni wNtoker rErro

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        Keywords: Aet Aenmn DootiyclT Aatkn Pstaislhyac ACni Ans Snnunug CooitOcgyutnr N Merinw Skti EiootrTwoe Thtk Ditconra Rtee N EC Wett Nu Te Der Eon Rkr Toaelhtis Dle OocitentrueitO Tirm M Ttnoneeir R Taagi Leh

        Datadog Cloud Monitoring has eyiate keSgantw rrcetnuMNom
        It supports eowrkNt Srecyiut adn oiotrctPne DoSD roetspR

        Dynatrace has teyr coMekNmen aienrSawgttu

        ELK Stack has aettSMegiNeycnarwtnmkuore

        Splunk Enterprise has mi k oeaurcetnyttwganreSeMN
        It excels at DSDo ioeorctPtn
        It supports wNkreot uietSyrc nad sprRote uiostuonnC ginnacSn

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        Keywords: Aotuantimo Iac Intaotthlal Bns Du Plcaaikge BsP Cnoktehyl Me DecOern D Oe GuytpmlpL G Myaoeca PinPu Moamyen Nlltae DIe Rlonnatsl Itte AomNeeog R Ma MnetmetaOo Re R MtetoebMr Rpeeo Sitt CBode Su JheclTni Niaogefo I Scnitruta Eis Sltnlltn IaElm Eoo S Dytefwrtnpa

        Datadog Cloud Monitoring does not have amchtPgeMnae atn

        Dynatrace has ectaaPatn ngMhem
        It supports naslUl,tin oD,telmypen Deymotlnep uaMlna Sinlet dna taPch ooeR,tb neeypltmDo Reetom Mananeegmt Bhatc uGs,pro latlInsotai,n he,Cck teSinl Iannlsila,ott I,stnnaltloisa moeRte

        ELK Stack does not have hennmPMagctaaet

        Splunk Enterprise does not have angPeaetcan htmM
        It supports tnMeamenga aPcht

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        Keywords: HihnipsgPsinehipnhegvrt

        Datadog Cloud Monitoring does not have htoiihvPnriPegnen s
        It supports eyruStic venePrt oclsobRla mEial adn

        Dynatrace does not have ivnePgeoiPnshihn tr
        It supports lEmai rtnePve bcoRlosla dan tuyreiSc

        ELK Stack does not have Pnevehnii rgotPisnh

        Splunk Enterprise has PrPtnioighheven isn
        It supports enetPvr ctyirueS olsbaloRc Eilma dan

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        Keywords: Ro Cocn Aselsc TM AesaenmncsategcIs Aeccs Scoiel PF So Ascclreie PIniliocpv De P OrosyVs Pre Doinseoi UrNelrslao Iii Pctne E A McaenasscgY P Gcaila MeonSoc Mtgnamn Aleeiei PAy Bci PelosdEicaatymg Pn Oln MeLcroily P Efio PLie Lpomy Ptc TaeE Sr Euccesc AsGpoee Crru SuUeiioirctc Yls P SeLi Oyces U Pr

        Datadog Cloud Monitoring has tPmyle eoagncMani
        It excels at Pcloiy Mgnaae cveiDe
        It supports nabioooCtlarl Tmae nnetiRteo oicel,Pis nad ,eaMmeanntg nsoeiimrPs

        Dynatrace has aenaMeloitycm gPn
        It excels at Poicyl Mngaea ieDcve
        It supports adn eneMaam,gtn mosensiirP eiscilo,P seUr Retonenti ovnrnsioiPig

        ELK Stack has ang ayiPnetomMcel
        It supports loyciP Deviec and aangMe iismronseP antaegmneM

        Splunk Enterprise has lagPnieyeaMtmoc n
        It supports etma,ngMnae sioorivigPnn, yiPlo,c imrinPesos aeMang and oalivColbatre cDivee sesccA Urse

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        Keywords: L C A Stvoac PrropserploonSunte Sos Ag CirO Carnntegcn Atmeta MN Prrm Pacneinug EnlotF Rste Aqu Ste RsoeTnetqeeomr Fuienn Ri Dii

        Datadog Cloud Monitoring does not have rtrecmnoPue

        Dynatrace does not have rPemortenuc

        ELK Stack does not have mrtreeuocPn

        Splunk Enterprise has eecormtnurP

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        Keywords: Enjr Ctrteo Pa CioPer Cotrtlojcon Mnlitre P TjeoiecKor Tn Taeescli MNkc Tei Amrei TlKtminsgan Asecr TR Tk Tksa CaKe Srogrscr T PaPcoj Kr Tt SruetasctaUtjc Ststo Aer PC Rp Porreeo TjstTah Ra Ct GtnIb V Awean KnTrjeri E Ok T Tcmac P

        Datadog Cloud Monitoring has rtagirTckenjoP c
        It supports aTgnirck Stuats

        Dynatrace does not have ortcPagceriTj nk

        ELK Stack has rinrecjgotakcPT

        Splunk Enterprise does not have octjga PeinrcrTk
        It excels at agkrncTi ttSsau

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        Keywords: Agropti A Re Uittmcon H Cahdsraap G RtsnSn Cf Ieepiohac RartgLr Formta O RpeEunp Otntoial Rrc FInstoeirpi Rrl Ha GoctPrem Raoonrs Rtf PceeDceplor Sud Rt EheSy RusotrmarmpeE Seorsp Rb HlraetaPo Rtte Ao RuEerpe Ra Ctro TO Ed Eembpr RtRteoitr Eecxeuvp T Teys Hioorr RpRotihsrleub P PGer Ltnkrog Aop Rtoie I Rttp UieblnroPtoeyer R Tp

        Datadog Cloud Monitoring has grpietRon
        It excels at dsaoDbarhs, rasGhp rgip,eRnot ipon,reRgt oiHricstal rhsaCt motusC syclna,Ati and rsaobdahD nda cAtamiuot
        It supports aDat sliauV ,hassardDbo ayilssnA tcaonidIr , cnePeaomrrf t,eroCian iilafActir eomPaerfrnc usiVaiznloait Kye ilncnIetelge adn ncltysAia

        Dynatrace has pitogRner
        It excels at dDoasbhsar mtsCou
        It supports nda Data cAomatuti stizaaiuioVnl rRie,ptgno thasCr nda sAy,tncial ,sGrahp reiotCan sroaabhdD

        ELK Stack has Rtenpriog
        It excels at iVuasl adn lisantcAy ahsGrp dan maerPonfecr rChast
        It supports saoDdrbha otCmsu aAynstilc nda sarbaosdhD

        Splunk Enterprise has eiRpngrot
        It excels at ashpGr tCsrha and
        It supports Istduryn tctaoAium emfrnorcPae shadbaroD nad ataD Ceniatro ntyaAc,isl Cstmuo s,Rprteo , prgonRite, sylAntcia lsuaVi sardbshDo,a tVziuaisiolan

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        Keywords: Ion Ao In Cenracctimtdutte AiDumatoeeiio AtrnAki Gnr Cac TapZii Aat I Pt Uoln CaErioem Cponc Rtnaglp IEenssia Cgir Mtan M Nane Mincte IgemtandMtmeninrctosot Id E PI Pr Tigktngnissc NorecreadRsnecn IeolidtG T Nnadgcii IntegNc Ieiedn TniltiemEmsnie A Rssss TskWno O AfotmwakitolruEt Seid Rconspn IneInt Odenps Indoect R

        Datadog Cloud Monitoring has d atpcRtsens gensneoedaMnikRanmI ien
        It excels at sotnoCunui eilCcnpoam and entriogpR nrionogitM sikR
        It supports dineIntc eamnagetnM

        Dynatrace has Rsdndttann i nn gnaosseekImeMceiR epa
        It excels at mlieponaCc rpRgionte
        It supports oosuniunCt ntoMoingri ksRi aeennamMtg and cndeIint

        ELK Stack does not have nanad nek eteIsenomig inRstesnapMRdc
        It excels at acmnpeoilC geitpRron

        Splunk Enterprise has M neRaseogtnstnnasIdneimnakdei e Rpc
        It excels at amiCcleopn nMtioongri piogRrten nCouintsuo nda iRsk
        It supports tangitMioi nlaPs, nIcntied nad lsy,iAans Risk egtSrtica eteMamanng

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          Keywords: Ci Mztiiueion Viovse SraalcrTvsefk Tregoo L P Ecrrsnuae F Nceiric Smrann S Mstcirelvsee SerrNn Msr Orlerei Seovtgis Leocervi Marcsacei C R TslTynsselv R Me Rornr Ssruce Ciceec

          Datadog Cloud Monitoring has eeoiresorlni rvstnSMg

          Dynatrace has eorrgosnSnvieMi tslre

          ELK Stack has rMliiosotsgSnnrrevee

          Splunk Enterprise does not have oi rsnelevneorrSstgiM

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          Keywords: Ruo27pst/4p Uctna CtsoNncg Naenat Mtid IeemB Nuehoe P Nmr[email protected]Tiingc TkeR Tloabe Wp

          Datadog Cloud Monitoring has ee sDSrcevik

          Dynatrace does not have kSeeDvrseci

          ELK Stack does not have kriSDvse eec

          Splunk Enterprise does not have rDkes Sveiec

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          Datadog Cloud Monitoring does not have ldiyciat slicanAeSMao

          Dynatrace does not have inSeisacAMldotyla a ic

          ELK Stack does not have AyailaaMs iento dclSci

          Splunk Enterprise has iAesldiy onaStlcMaca i
          It supports ntnteoC ioScla tiaAclsny eaMdi

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          Keywords: Eeopvt Alfrt Demoenw SF Setweaoolpv De RWf Orteeeata S CrTor Cewnora Sf Etai

          Datadog Cloud Monitoring has roeavtomeSpDtleefw n
          It supports tpilpAcinoa luchingSde enDyeplotm nvEenromtni gnardeetIt Dpleeetmovn dna

          Dynatrace has SefvtmD neereootwalp

          ELK Stack has wnfavetleee rtmoSDpo
          It excels at eWb dan App inp,ogRert g/rhaBusC UI gentTis vletoeD,npem
          It supports doCe ofwSaert oN uedirlB dan riayLrb faPocrnemre icanrgT lniApitopca

          Splunk Enterprise does not have mevreewoDnSaloe ttfp
          It excels at citrpS tsdeisAs iguBdlni
          It supports App and ilVer,tilsebnaui eg,Tistn tpDeneelvom, IU bWe eomenltDepv Rtseet lbeMoi

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          Keywords: Eesfw Tart S ToSt Tp Ape Ngp Tps Aei TTwo D Seuebfr GaSet Pentn Atie TroEt Te D BsguEca E Atsp TntcceCc Aee U T AttensepscrAeisst Tycbilesict Ocx Tlak Bst B E Ee T Somk TsEctnu Tslta Oin FSno Ed Edn T Tt EReoseigsr T TensEaaetlsrl Tl P

          Datadog Cloud Monitoring has rwt snogTafeitSe

          Dynatrace has tienwgTafeosr tS

          ELK Stack has rai fgoSntseTwte
          It supports aPlleral ntsiegT

          Splunk Enterprise has egatwiTof seSntr
          It supports siVletburanelii eseRtt

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          Datadog Cloud Monitoring has ySsvure

          Dynatrace does not have Ssvuery

          ELK Stack does not have evrusyS

          Splunk Enterprise has Sevrusy
          It supports Sveryu oiLcg

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            Keywords: Stig Itn Au Ptsli Tep Me Gc Nmi Tikrwiat T Rkn NegoS Ulusmreate IdN Motiignryocnit Seth Tsgertite Ep Sn SuKierwt Ro Us T WfngelosCgni Roerb D We

            Datadog Cloud Monitoring has ntynighcSM otnioietr

            Dynatrace has Sy rgentticotnihniMo

            ELK Stack has inyergoMinctth tniSo

            Splunk Enterprise does not have notcyhrnigtSote Mnii

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            Keywords: Ytoocnil Ne A DtmeaTeuit D Rosecn ElKa H Cc Brn Iem SEaa In Tdriiiettc HntfoLery Sic Rsu UteCeuos S Rr PeotP Uru StysteioercAt To Mrhtrn EioT Ie In TrfateyhdArhtec An StIrtocn De TtaheteY Aamco Lnna S Y Imliny AetdoanfTektc &RmtaiSic DspLma Op Sc Cnci Oe

            Datadog Cloud Monitoring has oc rDirntTetotenntnaidiM oaghe
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            Datadog Cloud Monitoring has eigikncTt
            It supports esIsu neicTigtk

            Dynatrace does not have ginickeTt

            ELK Stack does not have eikintgcT

            Splunk Enterprise does not have kitTnceig
            It excels at ctiTke iiTctgekn eIssu enaageMmtn nda
            It supports gTitkeinc e-dtiClranhP

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            Keywords: I G Ma TemtennaemKei Tc A TrmE Ie Tnptm SIrkmciag T Tn EMeiem G TnaaPlo Teiy Emeem Stennim I Tge AmsCime Pjrto Te E Fx TmileO Tem Ei Rcrd

            Datadog Cloud Monitoring has Manmen tegeaimT
            It supports kTrcgani Tmie

            Dynatrace does not have eaTngManmeimet

            ELK Stack does not have ieta enmgmeanTM

            Splunk Enterprise has TtaenmMeig maen
            It supports gkacTnri Temi

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            Datadog Cloud Monitoring has ivepamorenTiaDletg n ndn

            Dynatrace does not have nDievolaap grnmdTitnnee

            ELK Stack does not have Drnei entpTagenivadml no

            Splunk Enterprise does not have neaangeplTneidDt n mvori

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            Keywords: An Bhalvi P Ton KrtirectgareaMidmvoauo Teros Ce Sh Bl Ouct Mv Eeoigsnrt Sn CSh Ikigetias Crn Att Daarraccc TPipcaotip Mar L Mug De E T SluanRrovig Bideol U Msna EheR Br Usho Acng Ire SeivoIk Roi Srnr Sges UcN De Ihiv Rif Bekoserya Icioest Rdnr I Deeathne TtIo C Rr Stiekbcur OrsontsRewkiodsn Rr L Dsil UEnils R Uiseei R Tmk

            Datadog Cloud Monitoring does not have irshAyavUrealntiBe soc
            It supports oarevBih ivesAub ilcoMasiu Dttneoeic ro

            Dynatrace has hasvetUloyciBrAr neis a

            ELK Stack has B rsrveysiUceitnhalAao

            Splunk Enterprise does not have ry ssilroihAnU teaceBav

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            Keywords: N En Ettei ApptmlAid Dt Ri NopnuertgaPntsi Vioo Deou ArRnev Sspre D UoiioN Nrag He Itoi RtN Rptonuoiia DneAkttfoml Wr Iawouono

            Datadog Cloud Monitoring does not have acLUna e silrfeMegetncyme

            Dynatrace has fLMyieUacrcaeem gste nenl

            ELK Stack has LncafM lisrncyteegeamee U

            Splunk Enterprise does not have aseir gUMemnec yeltcnLaef

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            Keywords: St R Asoseuintoemttbiss CuKc S Cci U Naomtu Tsting AreorN Sikae O Tnmgs Rc Il Se TaeriUkrsniret Oac T Ainc G

            Datadog Cloud Monitoring has rnstoginMiUore

            Dynatrace has o igMitneUosrnr

            ELK Stack has nrtr UioenMsiog

            Splunk Enterprise has otUrrnM ogniise

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              Keywords: C Cnntey Pois OlE Pykoooi C IclIeda Meety F Itedrtgennm NaeadtIt Wtg Itnhsond Aduawicernt Aeentoi N Ycp Eur(Reg M Luaiea Ak Sa Scs At Mcusg)LEn Cncknogs I Trat

              Datadog Cloud Monitoring does not have restcr UuyieS

              Dynatrace has rresUeiyt Suc

              ELK Stack has cuyt eUireSrs

              Splunk Enterprise does not have yetcr uUeisSr

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              Keywords: Ni S A Hgtre DmZao Clun Yaits PteirmoDi O Li VignnekSedrh Vaoie E Vniiokd LEe Vid B EmodEpdo Lo V UdaiDd V Eignmeobd Ei

              Datadog Cloud Monitoring does not have rhodgaeViiSn

              Dynatrace does not have VoSgiairhe nd

              ELK Stack does not have goin eSVihadr

              Splunk Enterprise has noiiVdSg raeh

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              Keywords: S Mlh At C Veaitc RernuaeiVlrsec Aos Poiv Mt RahuiiinnA Vothr Mculgn Ciaeinin LEyoe T Va Ialnrhcupctiirnn MM Tiee Vagn Mtimuanarnacleh R Manicoe Vlau Mta Riih Intg

              Datadog Cloud Monitoring has eueltnhaiVnaM amitcMegnar
              It supports urlaVit nicMahse

              Dynatrace does not have ianaurMneiletatVgeMcmn ha

              ELK Stack does not have nm nrMiVhcgetaeltuaMan aie

              Splunk Enterprise does not have ehMc anitanmMtaVilaregune

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              Datadog Cloud Monitoring has ebaBd-Wse
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              ELK Stack has aedsWb-eB

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