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Risk Management Software’s website describes it as:

Enterprise risk software offered by CompatibL offers banks a solution for effective risk management of market and credit risk, regulatory capital, limits, derivatives valuation, and initial margin.

  • CompatibL Technologies LLC is the company that makes Risk Management Software
  • CompatibL Technologies LLC was founded in 2003
  • CompatibL Technologies LLC is headquartered at: 100 Overlook Center 2nd Floor, Princeton, NJ 08540, USA
  • CompatibL Technologies LLC has an estimated annual revenue of $10M-$50M
  • is CompatibL Technologies LLC’s Twitter Page
  • is CompatibL Technologies LLC’s LinkedIn Page
  • is CompatibL Technologies LLC’s CrunchBase Page
  • Risk Management Software is associated with 1 category. 1 are considered core, and 0 are supplemental.
  • A sample of these categories is Collateral Management.
  • Clearfind has identified 21 potential features for Risk Management Software.
  • A sample of these features is Portfolio Views
  • Of these features, Risk Management Software does 0 exceptionally well, 10 very well, and 3 just OK.
  • Clearfind has also determined that Risk Management Software doesn't support 8 features that may be important to you or your organization.
Does Risk Management Software have: Portfolio Views? Nope.
Provides high and low level details of portfolios

Clearfind has data on over 20 more features for Risk Management Software!

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